Daniel Spuller

Senior Director of Industry Affairs

Blockchain Association

Daniel Spuller currently serves as Senior Director of Industry Affairs at the Blockchain Association, a leading nonprofit in Washington, DC, advocating for pro-innovation policies in the digital asset economy. He is also an appointee to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Business and Payments Advisory Council, where he contributes to analyses of stablecoins, consumer payment behaviors and emerging payment trends and risks.

In 2019, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor named Spuller Co-Chair of the North Carolina Blockchain Initiative, a role to which he was reappointed in 2023. From 2016-2020, Spuller led membership and growth at the Chamber of Digital Commerce, growing the trade association from 38 to over 200 members at its peak.

Spuller previously served at North Carolina’s Department of Commerce, and was instrumental in facilitating industry negotiations with the Office of the Commissioner of Banks, successfully driving a multi-stakeholder campaign leading to the legislative passage and ratification of the North Carolina Money Transmitters Act of 2016, America’s first comprehensive blockchain-related legislation. The Act updated North Carolina’s existing law by defining ‘virtual currency” and clarified which activities involving virtual currency require licensure under the Act. The Act also ensured exemptions for virtual currency miners, blockchain software providers, smart contract platforms, colored coins, smart property, multi-signature software, and providers of non-hosted, non-custodial wallets.

In 2013, Spuller co-founded the Cryptolina Bitcoin Expo in Raleigh and has since emerged as a thought leader in the blockchain space. He has shared insights with corporate stakeholders, government agencies, lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and state and federal regulators.