Rob Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

USDF Consortium

Rob Morgan is the chief executive officer of the USDF Consortium, a network of banks built to further the adoption and interoperability of a bank-minted tokenized deposit. Morgan joined USDF in June 2022 at a time when lawmakers and regulators have been focused on building new regulatory frameworks for digital assets.

Overseeing the Consortium, Morgan’s focus includes delivering responsible innovations and providing customers access to digital assets from a well-regulated partner they trust. Working with the Board made up of member banks, Morgan works with customers, banks and regulators to meet their needs. Having joined USDF while still in its first phase, where it operates as a payment rail or interbank messaging mechanism, Morgan will guide it as it eventually moves to operate more like a traditional stablecoin.

Previously Morgan had served as the senior vice president of innovation and strategy at the American Bankers Association, the organization that represents the $24 trillion banking industry. He founded and led ABA’s Office of Innovation, working to support America’s banks as they deliver their customers and communities innovative financial services from a partner they can trust. In that role, Rob helped banks define their innovation strategy, identify promising startups, and guide ABA’s venture investing. He also worked with policymakers to help promote policies allow for new technology and business models.

Rob studied economics at Connecticut College and received his MBA from The Wharton School. He lives in Washington DC with his wife Allie.